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Lucette Martínez Pallais

Pipeline Cultivation Manager
Lucette aims to influence organizations and individuals to develop more inclusive and productive ecosystems, which is why from Alterna she is responsible for the search, recruitment and selection of disruptive ventures. Seeks to be an ally and friend in the path of the entrepreneur. She studied Industrial Engineering at the Catholic University of Nicaragua and completed a Master's degree in Business Administration at INCAE Business School. In her professional career, she has developed in areas such as energy efficiency, operations, promotion of foreign investment and business development consultancies for the agro industrial and forestry sector. In her free time, she enjoys listening to all kinds of music, from bossa nova to rancheras. She loves landscapes, ecotourism and is a curious and eager to learn person.

What inspires her?
Every effort or action that however small it seems always has the power to change. There is where the essence of the will to improve is.

Curious fact
She was part of the musical band of her school, where she played the lyre for more than five years.