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Irene Rivera

Alterna Inclusion Manager
Irene leads the services to entrepreneurs of the Base of the Pyramid, strengthening the capacities of those who want to address the family, social and environmental community gaps that exist in the region, through prosperous, conscious, differentiated and connected business models. She also cultivates relationships with key allies, in different scales and sectors, which contribute to the development, quality and scale of new inclusion cultivation programs. Irene studied Political Science and Sustainable Development at Sciences Po Paris and Peking University and has followed a professional path that includes research centers, international development agencies and social enterprises. In fact, she is the founder of one focused on financial services for the base of the pyramid. With more than 5 years of experience in sustainable development issues, Irene is looking for real ways to unleash systemic changes, giving Alterna a rigorous and inclusive look when it comes to finding key allies that enable her transforming programs to come true. Outside the office, Irene builds her social enterprise, plays cello and shares knowledge in technological circles of Guatemala City, interspersing physical, cultural and meditation activities to ensure basic balances.

What inspires her?
The construction of solutions with users. She is passionate about conversing humanly and transforming the ideas of diverse people into elements of concrete change.

Curious fact
If she could have a super power, it would be "total empathy."