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Javier Rossi

Cultivation Coordinator: Entrepreneurs Relationships
Javier developed his professional career in the food industry as well as the maritime transport industry. He has vast experience as a buyer for an international food chain; he worked for one of the largest shipping companies in the world where he was in charge of managing logistical costs of containers at a global level. In Alterna, his job is to choose, accompany, and follow up the entrepreneurs in the cultivation area, affording the entrepreneurs a better experience. He is also in charge of bringing in talented entrepreneurs with a high potential. He has a degree in Econometry from Lyon Lumière II and a masters in Quantitative Economics, Shipping and Logistics from the Montepellier I University. Outside the office, Javier dedicates himself to agriculture, he takes care of his lime and fruit orchard. His pastime is bonsai caring.

What inspires him??
Nature and its care, innovation and disruptive business models.

Curious Fact
He takes care of a bonsai his own age.