PuroSol Foods

PuroSol Foods Guatemala
Descripción de la empresa:

PuroSol natural foods, snacks and teas means nature, health and happy people. Since 2014 we manufacture handcrafted sun-dried fruit products in Guatemala, supporting the community and the environment.

Servicios / Productos: Sundried fruit
Sundried herbs
Sundreid spicies
For Insufions, Teas, Chocolate, Granolas, Musli, Pastry, Bakery, Super Foods
¿Cuál es tu impacto?: Our project started 5 years ago with the purpose of creating new job opportunities, supporting families and communities by buying that they can not market in the north-east of Guatemala. These families and communities produce tropical fruit of the highest quality and with unique flavors.
Nombre de contacto: Juan Carlos Orellana Castañeda
Correo electrónico: gerencia@purosol.com.gt
No. de teléfono: + 502 41507991
País: Guatemala
Departamento: Zacapa
Ciudad / Municipio: Rio Hondo