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Isabella Artiles

Cultivation Commercial Manager
Isabella is passionate about making sure the entrepreneurs have the knowledge and tools to grow their businesses. Her goal is to make sure the Alterna methodology is aplicable and easier to incorporate into the day-to-day of the entrepreneurs. In conjunction with the cultivation team, Isabella also has the honor of helping entrepreneurs in cultivation workshops and make sure they have the best experience. Isabella has a bachelor's degree in Global Development Studies from the University of Virginia in the United States, and, before joining the Alterna tribe, she worked for 4 years at Accenture. Her professional experience has focused on helping both companies and non-governmental agencies have more efficient processes. Outside the office, Isabella seeks to reconnect with her home country Guatemala by meeting with old friends and planning trips around the country.

What inspires her?
In this world everything is possible! The only thing you need is to have enough passion and discipline to be able to find a solution, both personally and professionally.

Curious fact
Passionate about food, her dream is to move to Thailand to learn all about Thai cuisine.