Daniel Buchbinder

Founding Chairman and CEO
Originally from Mexico City, Daniel spent his early career as marketing manager for L´Oreal, where he had the opportunity to develop brands and consumer products throughout Latin America and Europe. In 2010, Daniel founded Alerna, since dedicating his energy to leading the team, by developing the organization´s strategy. During the first years of Alterna, Daniel lead the incorporation of a few social enterprises that gave birth to the cultivation focus of companies that Alterna uses. Complementary to that, Daniel has taken part and lead various consulting project in areas like tourism, entrepreneurship, and energy, rounding up his career by teaching classes in master programs in various universities. Daniel is an Ashoka Fellow and has won various international awards. Currently is Co-Chair of the Mexican and Central American chapter of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs and other companies and organizations of the international impact ecosystem. He studied business administration (ITAM) and has master degrees in Environmental Geography (UNAM) and Environmental Technology (Imperial College London). Outside the office, Daniel takes advantage of every opportunity he has to travel, explore and be curious, food being a fundamental aspect of every adventure.

What inspires him?
Courageous people, committed and focused towards their purpose.

Curious Fact
He considers himself a professional ice-cream taster.