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Entrepreneurs and businesses

We believe in the transformative power of initiatives with purpose. We serve social enterprises and inclusive businesses through:

Events & Programs

Inclusion cultivation
At Alterna, we use our creative power to construct alternative solutions and opportunities that don’t yet exist. We work with organizations of all colors, shapes, and sizes to identify and serve entrepreneurs where they need it the most, and to develop businesses that affect change within their communities.

Direct cultivation of entrepreneurs and small business owners: In partnership with organizations that boost their reach with our methodology and execution.

Catalytic cultivation of local actors: by transferring our well-regarded methodology to value-aligned businesses, microfinance institutions, NGO’s, universities, and municipalities in order to achieve greater reach, where it matters most.

"...We believe in the transformative power of initiatives with purpose..."

Impact Cultivation
We are obsessed with finding the intersections that trigger the deepest and most effective impact, incorporating an extensive network of high-caliber partners, experts and mentors to our cause, and thus building a purposeful portfolio of opportunities.
We design and execute transformative programs that come with a seal of excellence, cultivating entrepreneurs and businesses with impact models, who are committed to genuinely altering their realities and leaving a legacy of change.