ATTENTION! Reminiscing about the rich history and landscapes of Guatemala, your Alterna family, and the impact ecosystem? We would love to feature YOU in this year's FLII CA&C and have a SPECIAL OFFER for our Alumni:

WIN a trip to FLII CA&C 2019 in Guatemala, on us!

How does it work?

Submit a written alumni testimony on your Fellowship experience with Alterna. The most compelling, profound, and authentic testimony will win a trip to FLII CA&C. The details of the offer are:

- In and around FLII CA&C, November 13 & 14 (exact flight dates to be finalized with the winner directly);

- Round-trip flight ticket to Guatemala from the winner's location;

- Ticket to FLII CA&C, including transport to Antigua from the airport;

- Maximum $1,000 for flight (any expense over that amount to be compensated by the winner)

What is an alumni testimony?

We would love to hear from you and the impact Alterna's Fellowship program had on you and your career. To participate in the FLII CA&C Alumni Challenge, please submit an alumni testimony about your profile, the Fellowship experience, and career trajectory. We would also love the opportunity to showcase your profile on our web site.

The deadline to submit your testimony is end of day SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13. Don't miss your chance to visit Guatemala, your Alterna family, and FLII CA&C!!!


Below you will find questions to guide your testimony. Please respond to them and send the final text to . A few points to note:

1. Listed below are several questions. Please try to answer as many questions as possible; at the same time, feel free to A) answer only the questions you feel comfortable / capable of answering and B) to also work outside these bounds and add additional information or insights you believe to be relevant.

2. We want your own voice to come through, so please be thoughtful, candid, and your unique self 😊



A. Basic information: Name, Age when entered into Alterna, Country of Origin

B. Tell me about your professional and academic experience prior to Alterna. What industry were you working in? What were your career dreams at the time? What path were you on and what were you seeking?

C. Tell me a little bit about you as a person. What do you like to do outside of work? What inspires you? What gets you out of bed in the morning?


A. Why did you decide to work in the impact sector? Why did you choose Alterna over other options in the impact sector?

B. Tell me about your experience working with Alterna. What was the day-to-day like? How was it working alongside other members of the team? Did the work interest and/or inspire you? How was the experience of working in the impact sector in a developing context?

C. Describe your most memorable moment with Alterna, and why.

D. What 3 adjectives would you use to define your experience? Why?

E. What were your lessons learned? Your biggest takeaways from working with Alterna that you are carrying with you today?


A. What has your career path been post-Alterna? In what types of industries, roles, and organizations have you worked?

B. Who are you today, as an impact professional and person? Where are you going?