François de Wazières

François graduated in 1989 with a Masters in Engineering from the “Institut Supérieur d’Electronique du Nord” in France. After working for two years in the UK for the French utility provider “Electricité de France”, François joined Andersen Consulting (renamed Accenture since) as a consultant. He worked for seven and a half years with Andersen, where he was involved in numerous projects that lead him to work across Europe, Russia and in the United States. When François left Andersen, he was a Manager with a specialization in Change Management. François started at L’Oréal in 1999 with a six-month induction as a “Sales Representative” for the Helena Rubinstein brand in France, which gave him a deep understanding and passion for the Beauty industry and the L’Oréal value proposition. Following this preparation, he became Head of Human Resources for European countries in the L’Oréal’s Luxury Products Division. In 2003, François was expatriated to Mexico City as Director of Human Resources for L’Oréal’s high growing business in Mexico and Central America, where he implemented a people-development oriented Human Resources strategy. In 2005, François moved to New York City to take the role of Vice President of Corporate Strategic Recruitment and Talent Development for L’Oréal USA. After his tenure in the US, he took from 2007 to 2012 the role of Global/Worldwide Vice President, Recruitment for the L’Oréal Group, working in Paris’ headquarters. In this role he managed the L’Oréal Group employer image towards all universities, engineer and business schools worldwide, as well as lead the 250 L’Oréal recruiters across the globe. From 2012 to 2016, he has been Global Vice President of Human Resources for Communications, Sustainability, Public Affairs, as well as Global Vice President of Human Resources for Strategic Marketing and Digital of the L’Oréal Group. This assignment has been heavy on change management – accelerating the Group digitalization in marketing and ecommerce – as well as into accelerating the talent investment for those new competencies at L’Oréal. In 2016 François decided to “start a new life”, settling in the South of France, answering his new aspirations into writing, consulting, and keeping a strong edge on creativity / sharing with the younger generations.